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Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

High School Musical Live Show Stuns London

Is Broadway Next for Box Office Shocker?

This past week, performances have begun in London for High School Musical Live on Stage, based on the hit Disney television movie that has ignited the re-birth of the “Let’s put on a show”-genre. According to a report in London’s Telegraph, the box office performance of the Disney stage version has surpassed even the wildest of wild expectations. To quote from the article by Anita Singh: “No production aimed at children has ever seen such demand in Britain. Producers have described the rush for tickets as “nothing short of astonishing.”
How astonishing is “nothing short,” the article says that the London production has already generated more than 20 million pounds in ticket sales. “The £20 million takings cover the touring production, which opened in January and is playing at regional theatres, and advance ticket sales for the sister production which opens in London on Saturday night with a star-studded premiere at the Hammersmith Apollo.” That is just under $40 million U.S. dollars. While there are no plans announced for Disney to take a similar production to Broadway…there is every reason to believe that given the high demand and profitablity…Broadway could be next.

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