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Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

About HSM 3 costumes

Nikki Katz , recently had the opportunity to speak with Caroline B. Marx, acclaimed costume designer for the recent hit film, High School Musical 3! Caroline was gracious enough to chat with me about her concepts behind the various characters, where you can get their clothes, and even what’s hot for spring and prom season! This first post covers the film. Stay tuned tomorrow for the second portion with upcoming fashion tips and more specifics about each character!
I started out by asking Caroline about her process for figuring out costumes for a film.
“Basically my job is to create the overall look of the film, and then start delving into each specific character,” she said. “The one thing I think you’ll really notice in High School Musical 3 is that we really made the big screen version of it. There’s definite character definition and everyone has their own individual personality.
“It was kind of a combination of speaking to Kenny Ortega and seeing what his vision was for the overall look for the film, then I brought my ideas to the table as to how I saw each character. Then I talked to the actors, which was really, really important for this film because they’ve been playing these characters for years so I wanted to make sure that we were really true to the character and be true to the fans. So what I tried to do was enhance them and give them more definition. And with this one I feel we brought a strong fashion element to it.”

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