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Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

(3) About HSM song writers : Drew Lane

Drew Lane

Birth name : Andrew Lane
Origin : Atlanta, Georgia home
Genres : Pop, RnB, Hip hop
Years active : 60's-present

Drew Lane is a producer. He has achieved platinum album, won a 2006 Billboard Award for his work on Disney's High School Musical, which took home the Billboard Soundtrack Album of The Year award. The album was also nominated for the Billboard Album Of The Year Award, and spawned two Billboard #1's.
Drew Lane produced the B5 version of a song called "Get'Cha Head In Da Game," on "High School Musical." In 2006, he co-produced and arranged B5's "Shining Star" on Disney's "Hannah Montana Soundtrack" CD, which achieved double platinum status in less than 10 weeks, he Billboard 200 charts,


Here are some of the industry awards Drew Lane has received for his work:
2006 American Music Awards; Andrew Lane *2 Billboard #1's for "High School Musical"
2 Billboard #1's for the "Hannah Montana Soundtrack" stop it

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