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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

The Chosen One HSM Fans of the month (february) : HSMgermany

here are The Chosen One HSM Fans at february. we found them at twitter, they're username are @HSMgermany. and they call them self as the HSM fans from germany. they create that account because they want to get HSM concert on their country. and we're lucky because we have time to chat with them via twitter. here are our conversation :

Q: tell us about your self!
A: We are 2 girls from germany, 13 years and 14 years. our names are "Alina" and "Christina", and we are very good friends. :)

Q: what are you most like from HSM?
A: soo like most of HSM the dancemoves and the chant because it isn't in soo many movies.

Q: whos actor/actrees are you most like from HSM?
A: Our favorite actor is Vanessa( Gabriella)

Q: what HSM sequels are you most like?
A: our favorite part of HSM is the second :)

i know there were very much amazing HSM fans. if you want your self to get post on this blog contact us at : www.twitter.com/HSM_USA

for more info visit their twitter page at www.twitter.com !
if you are twitter user, you can follow them at twitter : www.twitter.com/HSMgermany

(sorry we can post their photo in this article. there were something wrong with the site. thanks.)

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